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Mouthguards & Bite Splints

Protect your teeth and gums

Mouthguards are needed for protection of teeth and gums. It is important to protect our mouth from external or internal forces that can damage teeth and gums. Sports mouthguards are recommended for all who participate in contact sports, but is also recommended for athletes that participate in non-contact sports. Mouthguards help to buffer the impact that can come from a hit. This helps prevent breaking of teeth and injuries to the jaw, and also to help protect the tongue, lips and cheeks from cuts and injuries. Three different types of mouthguards are available. Ready-made and boil-and-bite guards can be found in stores, and a custom fit guard is made by a dentist. All types need to fit well and allow breathing and speaking to be easy, and need to resistant to tearing and breaking.

Night guards, or bite guards, are used for protection of the tooth structures due to grinding or clenching while sleeping. Grinding (bruxism) and clenching causes attrition, or wearing down of the teeth, and jaw muscles soreness. Fractures in the tooth can also develop from grinding and clenching, and can lead to sensitivity and broken teeth. Night guards are a soft plastic tray that fit over the bottom or top teeth to stop further harm to the teeth, and to protect the jaw and muscles from being overworked. Ready-made guards can be found in stores. Custom fit guards are made to comfortably fit the shape of your teeth and jaw, and are made just for you in our office or fabricated through a dental lab.

Child Wearing Mouthguard

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