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Our Wichita dental office continually pursues excellence through continuing education and mastery of leading edge technology.

Digital Imaging: Digital Radiographs, CT 3D Scan, Intraoral Camera

All our radiographs and photo images are digital. Digital x-rays reduce your exposure by up to 80% of what traditional paper films required. Digital sensors are more receptive than film, so it takes less exposure time for x-rays to create an image.

For your safety, we use lead aprons that cover areas at greater risk of exposure, including a lead thyroid collar.

Our 3D CT (computerized tomography) imaging is the latest in dental technologies. This allows our dentists to see a complete, three-dimensional view of an area with sharper images and details. This is essential in planning treatment for tooth replacement, surgeries, and other necessary procedures.

Electronic Dental Records

Your dental records are confidentially kept electronically, making your information quickly accessible to us, and makes for it easy for us to file your services with your insurance company for you. If needed, we are able to quickly and confidentiality share information and x-rays with other dental specialists that may be assisting in additional dental therapies.

Laser Therapy: Less Invasive Dentistry

Lasers in dentistry allow for easier and more comfortable treatment and faster healing time.

Lasers are used for soft tissue treatments, such as:

  • treatment of gum disease
  • gum shaping
  • removal of extra gum tissue
  • removing oral lesions
  • frenectomy

Using lasers reduces the amount of bleeding during a procedure and reduces swelling and infection. Often times, laser therapy requires less anesthesia, and makes healing faster and more comfortable than traditional methods of treatment.

3D Navigated Implant Surgery

X-Guide provides surgical navigation of implant placement in our office. In most cases it aids in improving accuracy and making surgery less invasive. Less invasive surgery can result in less pain and faster recovery. 

Technical Dental Equipment

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