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Sensitive Teeth

Tooth structure is made up of different layers. Under the protective layer of enamel (on the crown of our teeth) and cementum (on the root surface) is a layer of tooth called dentin. Dentin has small hollow tubes that go from the outside to the nerve inside our teeth. When this is exposed, this can cause extra sensitivities to temperature, sweets, and even brushing. Common treatment for this is to use fluoride toothpaste made for sensitive teeth, or even higher strength professional treatments like fluoride varnish or a desensitizing paste. Sometimes this discomfort is more persistent and won’t go away. Toothaches can be caused by cavities or cracked teeth that are close to the nerve of the teeth. It is important for the cause of this sensitivity or toothache to be professionally diagnosed to determine the right treatment for you.

Woman Experiencing Tooth Sensitivity

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