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Women’s Oral Health

How Hormones Affect Your Oral Health

Women are susceptible to gum disease at different times in their lives. Hormones play a large role in this. An increase in hormones causes excess blood flow to the gum tissues, and can exaggerate the gum tissue’s response to plaque and bacteria. It is very important to remove plaque biofilm every day to reduce gum inflammation.

Some pregnant women notice changes in gums, and can have pregnancy gingivitis. It is very important to remove plaque biofilm to prevent gingivitis, and also to reduce bacteria and toxins that can travel from the mouth to your baby. Good daily home care and keeping regular dental checkups is important for optimal oral health while pregnant.

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Women in menopause may take additional hormone therapies and other medications that can have an effect on the mouth. Many medications cause dry mouth, which can lead to an increase in cavities due to lack of saliva. Other side effects can be altered taste, sore tongue, cheeks and lips, and a higher risk of gum disease. Keep regular dental checkups and good oral health habits to keep your mouth at its healthiest.

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