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Tobacco Use & Oral Health

Not only is smoking the main cause of oral and throat cancers, it is also one of the main causes of periodontal disease. A new recent study found that non-smokers’ chance of developing gum disease doubles when exposed to a couple hours of second hand smoke daily.

Millions of Americans believe that chew or smokeless tobacco is safer than smoking cigarettes. It absolutely is not. It actually has a higher amount of nicotine, and comes with many oral health risks. Using tobacco, smokeless or cigarettes, causes bad breath, stained teeth, a decrease in smell and taste, and puts a person at a greater risk for oral and throat cancers. 80-90% of new oral cancer cases are caused by tobacco. At our office, every checkup appointment includes an oral cancer screening.

KS SmokeFree and Tobacco Free are both great resources for those that are ready to quit using tobacco.

Tobacco Use

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